In a Galaxy Bar Far Away

So this is what R2D2 was recycled into. I always wondered what happen to him after he hit the end of his life.

So THIS was in the back of the Cantina Bar, and a popular choice, I may add!


Edit: Looks like silver is one of Woot’s new colors!

Silver? Is that new or is that the same as asphalt? Or just something that’s always been around but I’ve never noticed til now…

For being such an advanced technology, it’s disappointing that it only plays John Williams songs.

Ah crap, it only plays that one cantina song.


I believe Silver is a lighter gray than Asphalt. It’s roughly similar in shade to Heather Gray, (maybe a bit lighter), but without the texture.

OMG SILVER TEE!! I’d give my left can of nuts for silver as a derby option ;_;.

Also this is a slammin Star Wars shirt, and I dont say that about many of them. Very nice, Expo!!

I would really like woot to include a silver tee for the derbies…


stealth droid. colors suit; like the silver. there can be more of it.

New colors

Oh that’s quite clever! Great texturing, all over the place.

But seriously, woot. You should’ve added this shirt color a LONG time ago for us Heather Haters.

P.S. Is expo the same as expo01?

Oh hey!! Silver is available now!! I can keep my left can of nuts, and have a new color! Yaaay!

If you read the post in the forums you will see that silver was added to derby options now as well as slate. They have removed orange and heather gray as options from now on after this derby.

Ohhhh a silver woot tee. Awesome. It’s too bad there isn’t metallic silver ink as well.

Though I can just imagine the tin metallic sounding 8-bit music versions of songs that will come out of that jukebox.

“why does that jukebox look like R2D2? …oh.” - my brain

ooo slate. delish.

It plays electronica as well, but hearing ‘Beep bop wrrrr beep’ over twenty slightly altered drum beats gets annoying pretty fast.