In Case of Fire Pullover Hoodie

Please tell me that dark heather is grey. The wife has a thing for squirtles.

It looks like a heather charcoal gray.

Can someone please explain this design to me? I don’t get it at all.

I would have purchased it as a t-shirt, early this morning, if the design was to my liking. I do like color and the sweatshirt.

Pokemon Squirtle.

It is the Pokemon Squirtle. Squirtle is a water type Pokemon that shoots water in various forms such as Aqua Jet, Bubble, Hydro Pump, Water Gun


Right. Generally, one sees a fire alarm lever, fire extinguisher, or fire hose behind glass so people don’t jack with it unless it’s a real emergency. You break the glass in an emergency so you can put out the fire. This shirt is a joke because it’s using a fictional water-dispensing character to put out a fire in the event of an emergency.

Should I assume that the sizes are adult and this woot off shirt doesn’t apply to kids sizing?

I think so, because it goes up to 2XL, where child sizes only go up to XL.

And I sure hope so, because I already bought one >.>

Thanks! That explains why I don’t watch it. It’s a cute little thing, though.


Wish there was a delete post option

WOO HOO - Another Christmas present ordered :smiley:

staying on 100% a long time. Is this woot-off on a timer instead of stock?

Yes - it’s timer based.

Yes. On a couple of them, the progress bar moved, but most not. They had been about 20 minutes per shirt, but this one has been longer. I guess they really want to sell some of these.

Really hoping for a zip up hoodie today. I’ll probably miss it though if one is sold.

And it’s gone.