In Case of Fire

I’m a little creeped out by this because I am totally reminded of those little glass boxes at museums that have butterflies pinned to cards.

Putting a fire out with this is super effective!

I’m holding out for an “In case of grass” shirt. Go Charmander!

How often do you have to feed him?

can you put this on an ipad case???o.O

I’m a little surprised that the video game derby of all things has had the lowest vote total winner ever. Odd that there were more entries than I’ve noticed in a while and yet still very low vote participation.

Well keeping a squirtle in one of these emergency boxes can’t be any worse than keeping it in a pokeball. In fact he’s got more room to stretch out here, at least until he evolves. I wonder how many fires he’d have to put out to get enough experience to get to level 16…

Not sure if it makes a difference but nearly everything I voted for was disqualified for one reason or another.

If you have to have this view of anything, something based on a turtle is probably one of the better choices.

I’ve been racking my brain for the last fifteen minutes trying to figure out a turtle would be enclosed in one of the fire-emergency-glass-case-things. Still nothing.


I just started following the derby and was so excited to see this design win! Such a great idea.

Also doubles as a life raft.

A squirtle is a water based pokemon that can shoot water from it’s orifices :slight_smile:

170 votes. That’s kinda scary. Poor derby-game.

Indeed. A year ago, 170 votes would’ve been 28th place … which I admit looked unfamiliar; that was right after I said “goodbye” last year, so looking for that was new to me.

Actually no. While that seems to be the case in your mind, the truth is that it’s a Turtle that Squirts (water). Squirtle… Nice try though.

Of course. Thank you.

How do you activate it? Pull on the tail?