In Case of Irritable Mood

Because cats are so calm ; )



in the same week!

Only if the cat isn’t in an irritable mood. It could be a disaster otherwise.

As long as said cat isn’t Butters.

To extend on this, a study showed that cat videos help improve mood.

So by extension, catshirts from woot should be equally effective too. =^.^=

(In my case, it’s catshirt.woot, catshirt.teeturtle, catshirt.threadless, catshirt.goodjoe, catshirt.teefury, and some more catshirts that I don’t even know where they originated from. And I’m a dog owner.)

Unfortunately, my cat applies the 5 second rule to her cuddle quotient; then the squirming begins :slight_smile:

In case of irritable cat, add a few drops of tuna juice to front of shirt.

Wear a black t-shirt, and all the light colored cats will find you.

…so basically, the exact same shirt that was up on Teespring a month ago?

I’m having a hard time digesting the design imagery. Probably because the outline more than resembles an intestinal tract.

Nice ripoff of a design by a local cancer patient trying to raise funds.

Not even the first to rip it off either.

Feel free to donate your earnings to his cause.

I’m disappointed in you, Woot. And in the artist of this shirt. It takes a sleazy, sleazy person to rip off a shirt being made to benefit cancer patients and their families.

Instagram user and cancer patient morexfire posted this design over a month ago, clearly stating what the money would be used to benefit. (Link: If you have any sort of conscience, you will make a hefty, HEFTY donation to their cause, and revoke payment for the so-called “artist” who stole the design.

I also encourage everyone who may think about purchasing this shirt to save their $12, donate it to the original cause, wait for the original shirts to get back in stock, and buy one from the original artist.

Someone who has lost way, way too many people to the monster we call “cancer”

Original Design:

Blog post from original artist:

Buy the original shirt:

Donate to Family Reach (and help the original artist meet his fundraising goal):

ty for link-I like the original “emotional breakdown” design better anyway-wish they were selling now

Keep checking back! They’re only pausing printing because the demand was so high. I’m sure they will start printing again.

Why a cat? I think puppies are a quick cure for irritability.

ps. donation for a cure is on it’s way.

Came here to say the same.

you mean THIS ANGEL???

I should buy this for my husband. He’s not in a mood, but the cat is. She will only sit there and only on him. She’s not into my 10 year old daughter or I at all. Meh.

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