In Case of Stress

Great shirt! Except that wearing it leads to you getting punched in the chest.

Except that I’d relieve more stress by breaking the glass than playing with the silly toy inside…

Gidget & Bridget spin a fidget widget with a midget!

(Any shirt or toy that inspires a poetic tongue twister can’t be all that bad… :stuck_out_tongue:)

I swore it was the flux capacitor when I first saw the thumbnail. I wish I could back in time and prevent spinners from happening.

Congrats on the print!

Just don’t break the glass with compressed air. Compressed air and fidget spinners DO NOT MIX.

Thanks guys and thanks for the print woot woot! =)

Soooooooo no tank top?

Sorry, special items like totes and tanks are available on the daily sale only.