In Case You Needed Golf Balls

A word about the refurbished Pro V1s:

If you have a high club head speed, the refurbished coating tends to fall off. I swing at around 120 and these balls last maybe half a round before they become unusable. A lot of my friends swing around 100~ and they tend to last a lot longer under those circumstances.

I’ve never had these kinds of problems with new Pro V1s either.

Otherwise, these balls are fantastic, way more affordable and they feel and play the exact same way. The coating just doesn’t stick under a lot of punishment.

must be nice to hit the same ball for 1/2 a round…

I never start a round of golf without at least 18 balls in my bag.

Oh it is!..When it happens.

Like every other mortal, I don’t oft get to keep balls for that long if there is any kind of immediate trouble. It’s nice, however, to have That One Ball™, the one that cannot be lost, but it sucks when the construction of the ball is the limiting factor instead of my love for water.

The Bridgestone B330 Mix will most likely only be the RX version.

The TP Red i received before was about half regular and half TP Red/LDP. I wasn’t expecting any LDP, so was happy with it. I swing at about 115 (to go with the comment above) and i’ve only had issues with one ball where the cover started coming off, but i blame on wedging it to death on an approach shot. peeled part of the cover right off. Good part is, normal course of play, i was able to use a fresh ball on the green :wink: