In-Ear Headphones

I just bought the Noontec in Black/Red a few weeks ago. The sound is actually pretty nice. I’m no audiophile and I don’t own one vinyl record. I can’t tell you how it handles the mids, highs, lows, yada yada, but if you ask me how it sounds…it sounds darn good. I would consider myself an average guy who likes to listen to music of all types from rap to r&b to country to rock, etc.
These have some heft to them. They definitely feel heavier than the Klipsch S4, which I had before.
This is my first set of earphones with the flat cord, which takes some getting used to. Walking around with them in your ears, the cord does create more noise and it’s a little annoying.
These also come with a handy little case. Too many earphones come with an impractical case that you basically pitch in the trash, but I actually use it because it fits easily in my pocket and the flat cord doesn’t wrap easily around itself like a round cord. The case is much better to use.
The thing about the Klipsch is that the cord that goes into each ear seems to wear relatively quickly. These seem more durable, but time will tell.
At $39, in my opinion, these are worth it. So far.

Gotta log in to bag on the Altec Lansing Bliss earphones. I had an earlier model for a long while and luuuurved them, so the last time these white ones came up on Woot, I bought 3. I have notes.

This version has flimsy eargels. The supplied gels fell off whenever I put the phones in my purse or pocket. Aftermarket gels from Amazon have held just fine.

Also, there’s no way to tell whether you’re getting a coated or uncoated cord. Both versions are less prone to tangling than thin rubber cords, which is nice. I found the uncoated version of the cord too flimsy; after about a week, it became unusable due to internal breakage. The coated version is still in service after about two weeks, but it’s not as nice to use. In particular, the coating is so stiff that it still has zigzag bends from the way it was originally packaged.

If you’re in the market for some really cheap headphones, I’d suggest checking out the seven dollar headphones at Monoprice.

Anybody with feedback to properly compare the two $40-ish options?

The Noontecs look better than the Klipsch, but the Klipsch have a solid reputation. I’m trying to see if there’s anything that can help me narrow down between the two.

Could anyone recommend any of the remaining earbuds for working out? I’m making excuses to work out and buying stuff is also an excuse. Kinda recursive, but whatever.

Here’s the old post on the Noontechs.

That link is also from that old Woot post.

I have been using Klipsch S4’s for about two years and recently snagged a pair of these Noontec buds last time they were offered. As for comparing the two I find myself reaching for the Noontec pair more often. The sound is comparable to my Klipsch S4 pair with a tad more bass which I tend to prefer. I like the durable feel of the flat cord and the ease of putting them away and unwinding them. The Noontecs also have a heavier duty feel to them. So, in conclusion, if you prefer a bassier note to your tunage go with the Noontec.

I wouldn’t recommend earbuds for working out. If you’ve got a smart phone, get the kinivo bth 220 off of Amazon for $30.00. They’ll stay on better, and you don’t have to worry about cords getting in the way. I would mention the MiiSport bluetooth headphones that woot is advertising for $45.00, but the jury’s still out on those (Amazon reviews).

FYI, even though Maximo had a representative in its last event on woot promising product support, looks like it was false promise. They claim tht they are clearing all warranty claims but still no response on a case I opened last November. The sound quality is superb, but they break easily and product support is nonexistent.

I have Klipsch earphones and I love them. Great bass…

Same here :frowning:

Sorry for the problems. It looks like we refunded you for the headphones so I’m glad we were able to help you.


Got the Noontechs and the plastic around the jack has cracked. Currently still functional, I’m going to contact the company to look into replacement options.