In-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphones



anyone ever use?


These are great! I’ve got the green ones and have been using them 5 days/week 8 hours at a time for over a year. I work in a pretty noisy building (machinery) and have my volume at about 55% and people have to yell at me so I’ll pay attention to them.


In-Ear Noise-Isolating headphones? Does this mean it isolates the noise in my ear and plays it for me in a loop?


I own several of their products from huge theater speakers to their in-ear headsets. Not sure my in ear sets are this particular model or not.
But at this price any of their earphones are a steal.


3.8/5.0 on amazon, 144 reviews. $32.99.


I don’t own these myself, but I imagine if I did and I was wearing them now, no one could tell me anything bad about them, as I would be unable to hear them and such.


True, if you buy the graphite ones. If you’re ok with red they’re $27; pink is $28; with any, amazon will put a $2 mp3 credit on your account. So it’s a wash, because they’re going to cost you $25 delivered from woot, unless you’ve already bought something today. I do realize red or pink may not be acceptable to certain individuals of the male persuasion, in which case it is a savings. (They seem pretty good, and I might be interested if I didn’t have a brand-new pair of Sennheisers.)


I’ve owned these for over a year and the only weakness they have (durability wise) is where the cord connects to the earpiece. If the rubber there begins to split, glue it back because that’s all that’s holding the wires onto the earbud itself. Mine started cutting out shortly after the rubber split there.

Also, they tend to fit quite deep into your ear so they can sometimes be uncomfortable. Some people complain of low bass but usually that’s because they’re not snug in your ear.

They work great as earplugs too.


I have these in red. I like them so much that when I lost them I bought them again…twice! Unfortunately I didn’t get them at this price, and now that they’re cheap I don’t need them anymore lol.

Of course I could buy a pair just in case…

Anyway I’ve only had them go bad once, from tripping on the cord too many times. A short call to Klipsch and they sent me a new pair. All they require is proof of purchase, and they won’t even make you send the broken pair in. Big points to Klipsch for awesome customer service.


Just a word of caution for anyone thinking of picking these up for use while running - think twice. I have a different brand that wasn’t even marketed as noise isolating, but because it is such a good sized and well-fitting earbud, it does a good job of that as well. I can no longer hear road noise like cars or bikes or dogs sneaking up on me. Now when I run with them (they stay in which is what I wanted), I usually leave one earbud out.


Have these earphones. No bass. And I listen to mostly classical and spoken word so I am no bass fiend. They are comfortable. Bought the S4 for $20 more and they sound spectacular and are just as comfortable. Don’t waste money on the S3.


The usually issue when in-ear headphones don’t have enough bass is a bad seal due to using the wrong sized eartips. This goes for all models and makes.


If these had a mic, I would have bought two sets.


I have these in red, and I love how they sound. I’ve had my pair for almost 2 years now, and they haven’t given me any issues. I find the cord to be a better quality than the Klipsch S4 model, which I had for 1.5 years before the cord gave out in the speaker end. Personally, I find the Klipsch brand in-ear headphones to be very comfortable in the ears, and you do get 3 earbuds of different sizes, if the default middle size doesn’t fit you well. At $20 the S3’s are a steal and you get very good sound for the price you pay.

Also for people mentioning no bass, either you need to use the proper earbud size to get a good seal, or you need to play with the EQs on your listening device. There are different optimal EQ settings for every brand of headphones. I can certainly hear bass out of my pair of S3’s, but I will admit it isn’t overpowering which is fine by me. Also don’t forget that letting your earbuds “burn-in” by exposing them to music for a few hours, improves quality of sound.


Just want to emphasize how dangerous using headphones while running can be—a police officer friend of mine was killed when he ran into traffic while crossing a highway on his morning run. The driver said he never even looked around.
I would definitely leave one out while running—better yet, just leave them home, connect with the environment and come home safe. You can always listen while mowing the lawn or walking around the house.
RIP Gary, we miss you.


How do these compare to Sennheiser? I lost my buds and need to replace them.


I jog and walk with in ear earbuds, but I ALWAYS stop at intersections, and parking lots before I cross. I never assume the car 1) will see me ( put down the cell phones drivers!!! 2) will stop even if they do see me, even though pedestrians have the right of way in Florida. I never take it for granted, but I have seen joggers, just scoot right across while jogging, never looking left or right.

Drivers need to be aware of pedestrians, pedestrians need to be aware of drivers!

Sorry about your friend :frowning: RIP


On a side note… woot!samillions… are you ever going to have the 2-4-1 Koss earbuds again ? How i miss mine so. I have outused all 4 pair… sigh and after trying several other brands… Oh I do want the Koss ones back…

Thank you.


I still have an unused set of Koss, I lost one pair. But I only paid $5 each when Woot didn’t have mediocre “deals”. $20 for a pair of earbuds isnt a deal, it’s just a normal priced on overpriced crap.