“In excess of $15” and editors’ choice

After a while doing this I had the honor of getting a t-shirt picked as an editors’ choice for a derby a few weeks back. Super thrilled about it!
Looking at the terms, it says that the artists get $2 per shirt sold in excess of $15, so that made me wonder: the shirts in the editor’s choice are sold at $15 for one week. Does that mean only the shirts sold after that for $19 would result in revenue? If someone uses their amazon prime account, thus getting the y-shirt cheaper, does that affect the artist’s payout?
I am just new at this, so I just wanted to know what to expect without bothering woot’s support, and I imagined some people here at the forums with much more experience than me may know the answer.
Thank you!

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I do not know, but perhaps if you ping ThunderThighs, she’ll point you in the correct direction directly.

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$15 dollars gives you the $2 commish per shirt. $15 is the base rate. No company discounts will count against your commission.
Less then that used to give you at least a $1 commish but don’t quote me.