In Harmony

oooooo :slight_smile: squiggles!

Pretty good. Prittay, prittay, prit-tay good.

It’s an awesomely simple and beautiful design :slight_smile:

Congrats to amreli! Oh, and you too, crapface!

There’s something so cathartic in typing that last part.

Congratulations to the winner, personally I am not too excited for this design but hope you sell out!

Wow this one got a ton of votes considering how late it went into the fog. Congrats amreli!

Hi, amreli. Welcome to Woot. Very nice start.

While I like the design and the geeky aspect of it, my lack of understanding will prevent me from buying it. I hope one of the two I really wanted makes it to third but I’m not too confident right now…

Co sign! (see what I did there, Woot mod?)

lots of waves but no surfers.

dang it, you guys are really working on getting me to break down and buy one of these.

Congrats Amreli!=)

As a physics major, I think I’m pretty much obligated to buy this shirt.

I really hope someone “got” my reference. It’s the genius of Larry David in “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Now you know. Awesome design.

I’d buy it, but I’m afraid of having to explain it. “Herp derp, what’s that shirt mean?” “Uhhh…”

It’s all about the vibrations . . .

Oh wow!!! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for this!

LOL!! Good times, good times…

Awesome. Sold.