In Loving Memory of a Happier Time


I am all for reasonble sanity but in general censorship sucks. You know, we have young men and women dying right now for our freedoms that we take for granted and that just isn’t right. How about some honest, open and reasonable debate on this subject?


This is not a public forum. Woot has rules and those rules need to be followed and enforced. If you want to post smut, attack others, pretend you ‘own’ someone else, or post comments and pictures that are derogatory or demeaning to others, go someplace else. if you want to be part of a community, stick around and play nice.


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If you don’t want to explain what it is to your young kid, it shouldn’t be posted.
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Please be calm tall, I am not them, honest. It is a “public” forum, it just happens to have rules, rather fexible ones at that. I am playing very nice and will continue to do so. I find this whole thing rather fascinating, redrawing social paradigms as it were.


I am calm. I know exactly who you are, which is why you are not on probation. That was the first thing I checked.

I agree that we have a lot of freedoms in this country that we take for granted. I also feel that people drag out the ‘censorship’ flag far too often and in situations where it isn’t appropriate. A little decency and respect goes a long way. There are plenty of places where people can post whatever pleases them.

I like Woot because it has boundaries. It is not up to a few random members to decide to move those boundaries and expect the rest of us to be ok with that.


Just for the sake of discussion, were the boundaries to move in a direction most woot!ers liked, they would indeed move there. In a way the community is self policing, however it is still a living entity. EBW now is not the same EBW it was 1 year ago or at it’s inception. A few people have been here a long time, many have moved on, or in and out. The community changes, adapts and goes on. Kinda like life or least as close as some people here will ever get.


Yes, and we pushed past PG13 plenty of times.
But this was making many people uncomfortable. Many. I have PMs about it from before I was a mod, just from friends talking about how they didn’t like it.

We also would stop if someone came online and said we went too far. I remember that happening once when I was still lurking.

R rated is one thing. Some of the stuff posted here was scary. People were worried about sisterC.
There is a whole internet for people who enjoy that behavior.
Woot is not one of those places.


The community does self-moderate. It’s called the REPORT link. Goodness knows it’s been used on quite a few of my posts in the past.


That is likely true, up to a point. Woot still has the final say and decides how the rules are to be interpreted and enforced. Some posters like to post p0rn during woot-offs and some others like to see it being posted. That will not, however, ever change Woot’s stance on those images in the forum. They have asked that we keep it family-friendly in here in exchange for letting us play in their sandbox. What gets difficult, is aligning everyone’s ideas of what that means.


Well there you go Tall, the crux of the biscuit right there. Woot! is an interesting environment where they are selling things and have a certain need to keep their customers happy, yet a lot EBW denizens don’t buy much and what is woot!'s obligation to a bunch of people hanging ina forum. I venture to say a lot of the rules here have evolved over time, some for a good reason, some capricious. And what is it that makes some people want to violate these arbitrary rules anyway? Look at Zila, Bro and Sis, even mainstays like daj get in trouble. Yes, fascinating indeed.


Ms. daj, that is my point! Is it legit or are they doing it for another reason? A slippery slope indeed. BTW, how many kids are coming over here anyway? I am not avocating outright p0rn but a lot of stuff that gets deleted isn’t any worse than you can see in a magazine, a billboard or on TV. I recollect a discussion not long ago about South Park. Sometimes I think people are just getting off on asserting their authority and their arbitrary viewpoint because they can. Just a thought.


M. CD, if I may butt in here…
My understanding is that anyone can report any post, but nothing is done until a mod gets involved. Whether the reporter has ulterior motives or not, a post should be removed only if it meets a mod’s standard for doing so; it shouldn’t matter what the reporter’s original reason was, because the mods aren’t robots deleting everything that gets reported. You might question the mod’s motives, but they were probably chosen in part because their fairness, taste and judgment were deemed to be something close to what the woot sysadmins wanted.

Following the herd is not necessarily desirable. Just because they can see it there doesn’t mean that it should be allowable here.

I am not familiar with that South Park discussion or incident; perhaps you could explain a little what your point is in citing that discussion. Where or when do you think someone was probated or banned who did not break a rule?


I cited the South Park stuff which was yesterday or today just to show an example of something that is very accessible and was being talked about matter- of-factly here. I think I was trying to illustrate the point that people don’t need protected from a lot of things because they are pretty much prevalent. If that makes any sense Mr. 1.


There are always some people who crave attention, be it good or bad. And there are always people who will push any boundary they are presented with.

It isn’t that kids are coming over here, it’s that their parents shouldn’t need to worry about scrolling through the forums when their children are in the room.

And, contrary to popular opinion, being a mod isn’t all that fun. It’s a pain to try to interpret what should stay and what should go, especially in EBW.


Ms. Girl,
I don’t know what guidance you mods have been given, but I imagined the process was something like this:
Pics: Delete anything you wouldn’t want your kids to see, or your mother (or your boss, or the sexual harassment police!) to see that you’re looking at.
Words: Delete anything that wouldn’t be spoken on free TV (not including Stephen Bochco shows!). Also delete commercial spam and extreme personal attacks.

I think the warning about “think PG-13” in the FAQ is a misnomer, because I think the real PG-13 allows some mild nudity and profanity that probably isn’t allowed here.


Once again, it appears that some people are losing sight of the fact that the purpose of this web site is to make money for its owners. Just because WOOT chooses to host weekly photo contests or fork out precious bandwidth and storage space for potential customers to express themselves is purely a courtesy on their part. If they feel that certain content being posted on their web site is offensive, especially to potential customers, they have every right to censor it.


Customers, Mr. Wiseman?

…Do they sell stuff here?


Exactly, Mr. 1…exactly.


I think some of the more recent deleting was not so much the PG-13 stuff, but the outright personal attacks and name calling. Really mean-spirited, twisted stuff in places. Mean people suck.

Beyond that, there were entire conversations going on that were unpleasant and unhealthy. Unhealthy for the participants, and unpleasant for those who witnessed it.

Granted, that which was contained within a single thread was easy enough to avoid, but it began to spill out into threads that as Gman pointed out last night, were a “community” of sorts. These are people who have spent hours per day with each other. We know when others have become pregnant, give birth, get sick, get married, move, get a new job, fight with their wife/husband/brother/sister, are happy, are sad, are grieving, are celebrating. For many, this is real life. When scary sh1t happens in real life, it’s scary. Woot should not be scary. Or unpleasant. Or difficult. Woot is like a big living room. You walk in, look for a place on the couch, plop down and see if you can steal the remote. Then your sister-in-law’s psycho biker boyfriend comes in and tries to shave the cat with his switchblade. Whoa! That’s where a relaxing place to spend some time with friends just became the source of high blood pressure, headaches, indigestion, etc.

Many of us have helped one another through some difficult situations. We know each other as well or better than some folks we work next to.

Gman, I hear you. I’ve spent time in the word games lately because it’s a way to escape the insanity and mean crap. I used to enjoy spending some time with friends here, sometimes just listening, and sometimes doing a little talking. There are times though when my blood pressure just can’t take another night of walking around EBW hoping I don’t step in something.

Many have left because of this. Good folks. Not perfect folks, but good people. Every time we’ve lost someone because they were chased away by another’s actions, someone else ought to be ashamed.

And with that, I will now get my daily dose of anger management by attempting to navigate the construction zones in rush hour traffic. (And by “anger management” I mean: I drive a truck!)


(quietly puts down the cat and the switchblade.)