In My Time of Crapping

Seems like the only bag of crap I’m likely to get is if I bring a bag with me into the bathroom when I go.

Alright, mossygreen! Congrats!

Woo hoo!

I’ve been hurt so many times before, but I can’t quit you, Woot.

I’m looking forward to receiving a bunch of garbage Big Lots and Dollar Tree can’t sell.

Got it into the cart and immediately went to checkout and it was gone. It’d be a lot less insulting if there wasn’t a message saying “we warned you to checkout right away” when that was what I actually DID! I can’t think of any way to be any quicker…

Made it to the waiting list again. This woot off is the first time I’ve seen that. Maybe next time I’ll score one

Finally got one today! Had 3 prior brands of candy in the cart this wootoff but failed to complete those purchases in time. Rather frustrating! Kinda disappointed with last 2 BoCs purchased. Used to be when there was only 1 electronic item sold per day the potential value of leftover items was higher. But now so many items are being sold of varying prices and categories. It truly is a carp shoot. For now, still fun to try to get one, though!

One denied earlier, two too late, three just missed… and then got a Box of Cigars this time … yipppeeee … I think …

After 5 tries I finally got one; worth staying up for!

got this one too!