in search of

I bought this pillow on Woot a few years ago and would love another but have been unable to find it. Anyone familiar with it? Usually gel or foam pillows are too thick for me and cause me neck pain but this one is just right.

Hi there. I poked around. Looks like the last time we carried it was in 2016. I was unable to locate a brand name. Sorry.

Probably not the exact one, but looks like “Grande Hotel Collection Gel Memory Foam Fusion Pillow” comes in close. Though I would defer to checking the pillow’s tag.

Yep 2016 sounds about like when I bought it. I bought 3 different styles. The bamboo one I got is great for when you’re sitting up in bed but no idea how anyone could sleep on it. It’s so big! Bummer that these were so limited.

Unfortunately no brand info from the tag. Just as generic as the Woot listing. I will check that one out on Overstock though. Thanks!