In Tents and Porpoise

What a nice happy shirt.

The graphics on these shirts are getting worse all the time. Class it up, WOOT!

ha! Punny plus bonus cheerful!

I thought it was indentured porpoises.

Voters decided. Be sure to vote. :tongue:

I know how you feel. I made this design look like that on porpoise because I’ve noticed that sometimes the rougher looking the design is, the more votes I get.
I’ve spent days trying to make designs that look crisp and professional and I got no more than 15 votes. (Half of which are probably my family and friends.) It is infuriating, but I had to adapt.

Thanks, wooters!

Why did I expect to see Slip Mahoney on that design?

Great design! I actually love the simplicity of the characters and the cleverness of it all. Good job!

Love the Mother of Dragons. Kudos

That one didn’t get many votes but it was an honorable mention.

Congrats on the derby win, simic! :slight_smile:

Can we please add more hoodies… its like Winter