In the Crap of Madness

In the Crap of Madness
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, Mar 20 to Wednesday, Mar 25) + transit
Condition: Really Crappy


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Did you miss it? Here are some Crappy Tips

1. Stay Logged In - When the current item reaches 5%, log out of woot and log back in to keep your session fresh
2. Keep your cart clean - Clear out any sold out items from your cart
3. Refresh the Community Page - New items show up faster on the community page than they do on the main page. When an item is sold out, the forums are the place to be.
4. Click the image - Make sure you are clicking on the image of the crap, and not the text. This will get you directly to the Add to Cart page, and save you some more time

In on the Carpenter/Lovecraft reference! Could not be more pleased!

First time trying and I got one! AHHH!

Yesss!!! Got me a Bowl of Carrots!!

Been trying all day and still nothing

I hate only having a P.O. Box…


Got one! sweet!

man…made it to the cart…then it said update cart…wouldn’t let me check out.ARGHHHH

got one… and i even had to relog in… madness i tell you…

Woo hoo f ing finally

Finally got my Bandolier of Carrots after missing out all day

In for one! Yee-ha!

I finally got one and I’ve been trying for years!

I have no clue how I managed to get one this time, but I did. Haven’t been following this woot-off and just randomly stopped by. Sweet.


I think this is my first BoC ever, my wife says otherwise. Either way, I’m excited :slight_smile:

After years of trying…finally got it =)

Almost had it. It was in my cart. Then made a rookie mistake. Credit card on file had an expiration date that expired last month.