In The Doghouse: Air Beds And Sleeping Bags

You’ve got to put those guests somewhere, right? (Besides a hotel.)

Tell us about these beds!

Whats the difference between the American Trails 3MF2501Z-MILLS Twin Ridge 5 Sleeping Bag and the American Trails 4MK2501PLZ Apache 5 Sleeping Bag? The features are identical.

Anybody have any idea if either of these air beds have plugs in addition to the built in pumps?

It would seem more trouble than it’s worth if you HAVE to plug it in to inflate AND deflate.

If you think these can’t be used on a camping trip, lemme tell you? They most certainly CAN, and SHOULD.

Those “Therma-rest” pads are okay, if you happen to have the same build as Shelly Duval. But if you have any meat on your bones at all, those bones will find every thin spot, rock, twig and root.

If hauling gear isn’t necessarily a problem, then this is worth bringing along.

Thanks to Woot! for adding the country of origin. I like to buy American products whenever possible.

Maybe the name Apache 5 is offensive to native americans so they market the Timber Ridge 5 to them. Then the environmentalists don’t like them using the word Timber so they market Apache 5 to them.

All kidding aside these look like nice bags I may get one.

I have the queen sized version of the inclining aerobed and I’m almost positive that there aren’t any additional plugs. I didn’t mind plugging it in to inflate or deflate though …the process was so unbelievably quick and easy.

I bought the queen sized one so that my boyfriend and I would have somewhere comfy to sleep on our vacation for a whole week. I love the aerobed, and the inclining feature rocks! The only negative was how heavy it is, but I’m guessing the twin size is much lighter and easier to manage…I definitely recommend!

Guess what!? They are identical. Same bag just sold with different names by different retailers. So now your choice is which name do you prefer?

Can the American Trails 3MF2501Z-MILLS Twin Ridge 5 Sleeping Bags or the American Trails 4MK2501PLZ Apache 5 Sleeping Bags be zipped together?

Apache 5 made in the USA!? Yep, I’m in for 2!

Will they deflate without plugging it in?

Not easily.

I’ve had the Insta-Bed for 2+ years now, purchased it for guests visiting us in our NYC apartment. I’ve also slept on it when my parents were visiting and I gave them my bed/bedroom. Really comfortable, easy to set up, and never had any air leakage to this point. Great purchase, esp at this price.

In for the Apache 5,like to have one in the house to use when there is a power failure…hmmmmmmm toasty ! Also not bad to have one in the trunk of the car if you’re in the very cold area of the country and get stuck on the road.

Same here.

Being made in the USA is what sealed the deal for me.

I’m guessing the picture associated with the Smokey UMK2501BKS was wrong since not only did I only get one of the two that I ordered, but instead of being a rectangle style bag with small diamond pattern and carry handle on the carry sack, I got this:

So did I get the wrong one or did someone repack some other random bag into the package? What I got doesn’t match any of the pics from the event. Already submitted a case for getting only one instead of two (before opening this one to find that it isn’t what was shown on site). Really don’t like this style compared to what was pictured on the site. Hopefully woot can make this right.

We’re sorry to hear that there are complications to your order.

Please feel free to email Member Services at and they’ll be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your order.

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