In the fog, but not printed

I’m relatively new at shirt.woot. I love submitting designs and seeing how they do. I’ve had a couple designs printed. However, I’ve had more than one design end in the fog, but then not be printed. Is this a normal thing, or is there something I should be doing differently? I already submit my artwork early. Thanks!

Hi KitKat!

We don’t always print design that end in the fog in our “new stuff” sales. We pick them for those sales based on a combination of how well we think it fits our site, strength/originality of concept and/or art style, and whether or not the print file is usable.
Your “Food” design that printed in the sale this week is a really good concept that fits our site and is also very wearable. It would also make a great apron :slight_smile: .
The only way to guarantee a print from the derby is to place in the top 3, otherwise it’s at the mercy of the art directors. Feel free to PM me with any specific questions!