In the world of black and white

Can’t help but think of the Giant’s when I see this shirt.

The color on my computer looks more like salmon. How close to orange is the shirt?

What kind of phobia is this?

Oh Panda, careful you don’t paint yourself into a corner!

That’s the last time I look for painters in the Zoo directory.

And it’s also an unintentional allegory on Sandoval. Like the bear, our panda has painted himself into a corner.
I’m in.

now that i look at it…something about this panda JUST doesn’t look right. I mean, he looks like…that at any moment, he is prepared to lash out at someone, like some sort of…psychotic episode, only in panda form…

Looks red on my screen…am I the only one that sees no orange? Orange you glad you made me colorblind? Panda-monium up in here.

keanu reeves sad panda

that couch gag last week sure was memorable. the poor panda was enslaved to the merchandising king…

Maybe things would look better to him, if he had a pair of rose-colored glasses?

She (since the gender has been determined) fits right in with many famous painters. For example: Antonio de la Pandara, Domenico Ghirpandaio and his son Ridolfo, Panda Nisshō, Myra Pandau, Luis Mirpanda, Wassily Pandasky, Albert Pandatjira and…

bear with me, I have one more…

Francis Pandabia.

YES! It went to print! I’m getting one.

i actually wasnt, this panda looks a bit “off” to me and that is simply just it.

the paint can lying on its side looks suspiciously full for being open ._. but who cares! physics is overrated anyway.

love the concept :slight_smile: congrats on the print!

So the paint can that’s laying on its side…I see paint inside it, but it’s just sort of frozen and it’s not pouring out. Why?
Maybe that’s why the panda is so upset…he left all of his paint in the garage during the winter only to open them up in the spring and find them all frozen solid.
I can relate, brother panda. I can relate.

What’s black and white and red all over? his t-shirt!

Is this panda related to the one that destroyed the world?

Am I the only one that is reminded of the San Francisco Giants whose team color is black and orange…and then one of their players is nicknamed Kung Fu Panda?

I see an orange shirt and I want it painted white.
No colors anymore, I want it to turn white?