In the world of black and white

I’m still trying to figure out how the panda reached all the way up there with the paint roller. It must be a magical panda.

The expression of the panda looks almost sad or a little angry. It’s as though his whole world has been covered up and he is desperately trying to change it back. Panda looks a little hopeless.

A panda walks into a restaurant with a gun.
It eats shoots and leaves.

Congrats radiomode!

This is a sweet shirt, but i can’t buy it because of the placement of the graphic. graphics placed low on the shirt like that accent my gut, and i would rather distract from the fact that i drink too much coke and eat too much fast food, thank you very much.

I love the design, I’m a little hesitant about the color. The shirt looks positively red on my computer; I looked up the Pantone color of 181C and it appears as a reddish brown color on my computer. So what shade of orange will the actual shirt be?

yes, but there is a difference between orange and oranges.

hmm, that would be an interesting book title…wait, nah, that would never work…

I have to agree, I thought (read hoped) this was a red shirt at first glance. Although I didn’t really care for the hand of the AA tees, we knew the color palette.

This reminds me of Enjoi. I like Enjoi, so I bought this shirt.

I had a strong feeling this would print, and not just because of the magical ingredient that is the panda. :slight_smile:

Congrats radiomode!

Add bleach.

The shirt is well done but how is this on topic? Phobia?

This panda clearly doesn’t know how to paint. I mean… for one, he’s using a roller, but he has no roller tray. How’s he getting paint on the roller? Just dipping it in a can? That’s not going to work well at ALL. And for another, there are streaks – thin, un-roller-like streaks. Now, I suppose he COULD make those with a paint roller, but you’d have to go out of your way to try.

I don’t think his heart’s really in the whole painting thing. It’s like he’s just slapping a bit of paint on the wall and saying, “Look… I’m painting away the (what I see as) salmon colour!” It’s all a very sad statement on the mental state of the panda himself.

Tragic, really.

Perhaps the panda has chrysophobia.

Fear that your painting contractor is a werebear from western China.

It’s a very bright orange. Almost like a hazard cone.

Congrats, Radio. Nice design. White and orange is a nice color combo.

OOoooo…I like “hazard cone orange!”


On my computer this looks like that really nasty “salmon” color. Wasn’t interested before…but now, I may have to change my mind and consider buying.

(Simply didn’t get my “orange fix” from the Halloween derby…and it doesn’t look like I’m going to, from the Fall derby, either.)

Thanks! BootsBoots

I LOVE this design and I am bitterly disappointed that orange makes me look like death warmed over. But once I enlarged the image, all I could see were the 6 identical pairs of orange dots, peeking through the paint. Any thoughts on if they’ll print like that?

that paint on the wall is SOOO giving us the finger!