In Through The Outdoors

An assortment of little things (and not so little things) we’ve seen before for the outdoors. Reviews, anyone?

Can someone confirm the light a life comes w a 12 v cig plug? I read on amazon one review that said it does just that it wasn’t pictured. Can someone confirm? I want to use this in my pop up when dry camping. Thanks!

For the kealty duo I have it in green. I use it for a pool bag, enough room in the bottom for a couple of blue ice packs, couple of beers and a juice box. The top part is good sized to hold all of your pool stuff. It would be good for a picnic too.the straps are nice for walking a bit to make it easy to carry. The build quality is good, but the zippers do tend to stick a bit sometime, not a deal breaker though, just when I’m in a hurry. It would help to lube them with ivory soap, overall a good buy!

Our sale matches the information directly from Goal Zero. Per their site:

What’s in the Box

1 x Light-a-Life 3 watt LED Light
1 x 12V male cigarette adapter
1 x 9’ cord & patented carabiner

Ah excellent! Glad I purchased without knowing for sure because they are gone! Thanks for the info!

I regretted not getting the Light-a-Life last time around. got two this time.

totally loving the briefcase solar panels and escape battery pack so far. awesome for car camping or even just going to the park for a few hours, when i need some juice while relaxing in the grass!

Has anyone tried to fly in the US with one of these? I understand that extra batteries must be stored in your carry-on (not checked) but would the TSA have a problem with me bringing this on a plane?

edit: this is in regards to the battery pack.

These are lead-acid batteries, which are considered hazardous to any airline, but since these are sealed, there might be a chance they will let them through. You should check with the airline and/or TSA. By no mean bring these in your carry on! they will take them unless these are in wheelchairs. Only lithium batteries are the ones acceptable for carry-on. You might get away in checked baggage since these are installed in a device for such purpose and not as stand alone batteries. The best recommendation is to check before you fly to prevent any embarrassment.

If you are flying domestic, the best way would be using a ground carrier and let the batteries travel by themselves to your destination. If you are flying out of the country…

What’s up with the woot plus deals always showing items in the banner that aren’t in the sale? I’d love a lantern like the one shown in the top photo, but that is not offered in the sale.

It’s like the radio station that keeps playing your favorite song, but 10 seconds into it you realize they just used it for an ad and weren’t going to give you what you want.

Woot = Amazon, which translate to “look for it in Amazon at a regular price”. This is a common form of advertising.


Does the Life Gear Flashlight include the aluminium case?

Looks like this model (530 according to specs) is not the model (434 on Amazon) that comes with the aluminum carry case.

I mean, after four hours, this stuff disappeared.

May those who bought to resell have cockroaches fill your sheets.

we keep safeguards in place to prevent such things, but i like this curse quite a bit.

I’ve been looking for a masculine sort of picnic tote for years; the Kelty Duo Pack 12 certainly fits the bill. In for 1.

Seriously? Do you think you can get a bit more of the Goal Zero product in stock before posting it up for sale? Sold out after just a couple hours is insane.

I’ve been checking the site for weeks to try to grab a solar panel and have missed it by minutes multiple times and yes, am bitter.

Now we get to wade through weeks of knives, polo shirts and backpacks no one wants till you get another two or three units in to sell.

How about putting in an alert function so we will be notified when keywords come up?

If you are waiting for a Roomba, you are going to be very, very happy…

I keep missing the Plus deals on solar panels as well. 3rd time they have sold out. I would like a key-word email alert like the daily email digest I get.