IN WIN GRone Full Tower Computer Case

Isn’t this the same case on Newegg for cheaper?

They are the same price, at least now, and since you are on Woot reading this… #SupportWoot

Terrible. Looking for a case? Here you go -

Full tower for $119 after mail-in:

Mid tower for $99:

I still like Lian-Li cases as being the tops in quality. You just have to look for special sales on them - Newegg does it once in a while, wish woot! would get hold of some of their cases!

I have the GT1 which is a mid-tower (little brother) from IN WIN and I really like it. It has really good air-flow which appears to be one of the consistent compliments this case gets on Newegg too.

The big thing for me was the external SATA docking port that this one also has…It makes it real easy to connect a drive to do backups and/or for cloning your OS drive or other internal drive. No need to crack the case just to put in a drive you didn’t want permanently attached anyway.