Inactive Wear

YAY!! The Procrastinate - the world may end tomorrow shirt is back!!!

I bought one of these when it was first up and it was very popular in our house. My husband ended up with it, but my eldest wants one. Now he can :slight_smile:

Can I get design sizes for the following?

Also, will these be screenprinted?


I sent an email off to the shirt crew. Check back for an update.

Actually, pretending you’re being chased by a predator is an excellent exercise tactic. I mean this quite literally. Particularly for HIIT, where you alternate sprinting with a more moderate pace. I pretend a tiger is chasing after me, and the other side of the field is safety. It really works to get into a mindset of total intensity.

I remember there’s an option that we purchase items and accumulate then until a week later when they all ship out at the same time for 5 bucks… I can’t find that anywhere now, is it still available?

I am not sure we’ve offered that option here.

Any update? Today’s the last day… :slight_smile: