Incase Sonic Over Ear Headphones

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Incase Sonic Over Ear Headphones
$49.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Are these noise cancelling, so I don’t have to hear the sound of my dad’s 70’s soft rock on road trips?

you’ve got to be kidding… i just paid $85 for these! they’ve never been this low… I HATE YOU WOOT!!!

no they are not

I have these on right now and, no, they’re not noise canceling. They are light and very comfortable, though. Great sound, too.

Defective!!! I ordered mine and they still don’t work and I’m stuck with them…CRAP!!!

Ah, Woot come on, I just bought these from you last month for $10 more… what’s up with that?

They are great headpphones, especially for those with big heads/ears.

But seriously Woot, since you are owned by Amazon, you really should credit my account $10. Then I will buy another pair of these. :slight_smile:

Crap, then I’d have to hear him point out useless “points of intrest” along the way to my mom. On the other hand, I really hate headphones I have to stick into my ear…

My friend said they’re the most comfortable and best sounding headphones he’s ever used. He says they’re comparable to those he bought for $100. And finally, this person said that it was $10 less than he paid for it, last time it was on Woot.

I bought this when posted last time. Great headphones! They are very comfortable - and I wear glasses. Just the right amount of pressure. They are NOT noise cancelling but they do a good job of muting the sounds in an office environment.

Today’s woot enabled me to buy a second set to keep at home.

Did you contact Incase? They have a one year warranty.

They come with a one year Incase warranty. Why didn’t you use it?

Ahhh…I too have a large melon-head. good to know that they would fit!

6 Page Thread on about these headphones:

So I usually watch movies late at night in an apartment building.

Started using headphones so I could turn it up, but they aren’t that great. Like $20 pair I bought years ago.

Would these be good for Watching action movies etc… Loud?

Ones I have kinda crackle if guns/explosions going off.

Another good point, I too wear glasses and hadn’t thought of that!
You guys are so helpfull! Thanks! :slight_smile:

These are not noise cancelling, nor are they noise isolating. Meaning, in my office where I use them, I can still generally hear if something is going on around me provided the volume is reasonable. From what people around me say, there is almost no perceptible noise leaking out when I listen. They are the most comfortable over the ear headphones I have ever worn (compared to Shure, Beyerdynamic, Grado, Sony, mostly). The sound is nice and fun to listen to, doesn’t tire me out after a 2-3 hours, but I find the bass to be difficult to find all the notes in and distorted, though there is plenty of it. Human vocals sound really, really warm to my ears.

Overall, I was happy to buy them for $65, for $50+s/h they are unlikely to be a disappointment.

Here it was in April and Here it was in June Over 150 comments for your reading pleasure.

They also made a brief appearance During an April Woot-off

From what I have ready about these I don’t feel they are by any means worth the MSRP they want. If you really like the colours you won’t be disappointed with the sound for the money you’re spending.

[youtube=USbVkbyGp7A] [/youtube] Here is an unboxing and review.

And For absolutely no reason at all here is a song that’s stuck in my head ever since Music Monday with Slydon.

Yes, it was $10 more last month for these headphones, but they were $20 more when I bought them here in April. I’ve gotten my $20 worth in that time, though. :slight_smile: