Incase Sonic Over Ear Headphones

85.00 on amazon with good reviews

i don’t eat at restaurants that discriminate against the earless.

Ok, that was pretty bad but I’ll give you a E for Effort.

All these headphones seems to be quite expensive right now. Are they going to drop to $1 or $2 in the near future, since that’s what earbuds did, from $100 to $1 nowdays. I don’t have a set and it would be nice to have one, but since I have been using earbuds, I thought I can use those and pretty soon I can buy 50 of these for this price.

I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not but you can buy cheap $5 headphones just like you can buy expensive $300 ear buds. This set is never going to be that cheap. I have a pair, they are extremely comfortable, sound good, good bass but they leak sound so fyi if you want to play these loud in bed at night next to your partner.

I picked up a pair of these last woot. At first I kinda hated them but after replugging in the detachable cord I think it was just a bad connection. Sounds is quite good very strong high end response a little weak on the bass for bass junkies.

Super super comfortable.

I just purchased a set of these. Compared to my Bose AE2 headphones, they’re decent. For the price being offered on Woot, they’re better.

I think the Bose are slightly more comfortable and have better treble clarity. The Incase have better bass. I also worry about the soft velvet-like material of the Incase earcups getting funky with dust and dirt. Having the option to use the Incase’s inline mic for FaceTime is a great plus.

I wouldn’t pay the full retail price of $150 for these, but for $50, they are a decent set.

I bought a pair of these the last time they were available from Woot. Loved them… while they worked. The right earcup died after about 2 months of use. Tried the other cable it came with in multiple sound sources, and it was a no-go. Emailed them multiple times, and got absolutely NO response. The odd thing is that I have heard people having the exact OPPOSITE experience with their repair department, so it may have just been a fluke. But still…

are these better than Grado headphones? Those are worth every penny of their cost, even at full retail. Are these, even with a much higher MSRP, better than those?


I’ve always had a problem finding headphones that fit comfortably, didn’t leave my ears all hot, red, and sweaty, and that sounded decent.

I bought a pair of these the last time they were on Woot and they are perfect for me. I’m a bigger guy (6’4", size 7 3/4 hat) with proportionate ears that don’t stick out. The memory foam on these (on the ear cups and the band) makes them super comfortable to wear, both on the ears and on the head. I haven’t battle-tested them on a plane yet – the ultimate proving ground – but I imagine they would do fine, and would feel more comfortable for a long trip than other brands, or those damned ear buds.

No complaints from my coworker who shares my office, but then I also don’t blast my music too awful loud.

I listen to primarily DnB, with the occasional tasteful dubstep, and a wide range of other stuff mixed in, and while they aren’t the bassiest (it’s a perfectly cromulent word), they are decent, and for $50, you can’t go wrong.

I bought the black ones with the green cord, and I love 'em.

Pro tip: You can adjust the size by sliding the ear-cups up and down on the headband. I did not know this at first, and have since adjusted them to the perfect level.

Hands down, these are the most comfortable headsets on the market. I wear mine at work 12 hours a day so comfort is very important to me. Plus, the sound is great. If I were to need another pair and had to pay $200.00 for them, I would … They are just that comfortable.

I bought a pair of these the last time they were on Woot! and I absolutely love them. They admittedly aren’t going to give you the best sound, but they’re by far the most comfortable over-ear headphones I’ve ever owned. I wear these with glasses for 8+ hours a day and my ears are never in pain. If you wear glasses w/ on OR over-ear headphones, you know exactly what I mean. I much prefer them to earbuds because they help me stay focused while I’m at work.

If these are leaking sound when you wear them then you should start saving now for that hearing aid you will need by the time you’re 50!! I got a pair of these in my last BOC and they are the most comfortable headphones I have ever worn. The sound is great but I do agree that the bass could be bass-ier. I love the inline microphone feature, no more having to take off the headphones to answer the phone! If I hadn’t gotten them for a buck, I would buy a pair…

I bought these the last go around and I like them. Good sound. The only down fall is that they are not something that you want to wear while doing an activity where you sweat as the cloth material is a sponge for sweat and would likely be FUNKY in short order. Therefore not so not good for using while mowing the lawn, going to the gym, etc.

I have had the exact opposite experience. They sound good, but the headband puts all the weight on the center and the outer part doesn’t touch your head. As a result, I wind up having headaches after wearing them for around an hour. Adjusting the ear pieces made no difference. I’m pretty sure I can fix it by adding some foam to the sides of the headband, so the weight will be more evenly distributed, but wish I didn’t have to. Maybe it’s just my head, I don’t know…

For the record, I bought a pair of GE earbuds at my supermarket for $7.00 and they sound almost as good as these headphones. I’ve been using them for a year now and the wires still haven’t broken.

Yes these will drop to two dollars each three months after your hourly salary drops to $1.10. Hang in there.

I bought one last woot, orange color, I love them, they’re very comfortable, they look very cool.