Incase Sonic Over Ear Headphones

Agreed with everything you’ve said.
I keep falling asleep with these they’re so comfortable. I can only ever wear headphones for a little while at a time.

Also, I had the same issue with connection. Changing wires fixed it.

Thirdly, they do lack bass for such monstrously sized headphones. I was expecting a lot more, but overall they are very well balanced, and the comfort factor made these quite worth it to me.

You were mailing InCase? Try them again since you have a one-year warranty. If you can’t get them to respond, see if can assist.

Guess I’m in the minority here,I bought these the last time and I’m not really impressed. They are reasonably comfortable but the sound does not seem much better than an older pair of ifrogz $12,over the ear headphones I got at BigLots.Btw, I am using them on a Sansa Fuze or Clip not an ipod,do you think that may be my problem?

Bought a pair last time they were offered on Woot!. For the price, I’m very happy. Very comfortable for my 7-3/8 noggin, which most over-the-ear phones are not. I also have a pair of Bose over-the-ear phones; these compare well. The Bose are lighter, but also let in a bit more ambient noise than these Incase phones. Bose are stronger on the bass end, but the truth is I have un-bass-y listening habits. For listening to (and producing) spoken-word headphones, these are terrific. For the kinds of alt-country, world, Hawaiian, Celtic, folk, bluegrass, ska, and classic pop I listen to, the Bose and Incase perform about equally. These phones handle ukulele and steeldrums with aplomb. It’s really only with some classical and 80s-today pop that reveal the Incase’s weakness in the bass range for me, and even then it’s not a huge negative.

If I hadn’t already got this gray/blue color combo - which looks terrific, less toy-like and more serious than I expected from the photos - I’d definitely be in for another pair today.

Bought these for use with my iPhone during long conversations where my Bluetooth became uncomfortable. While extremely comfortable with good sound, I can’t hear myself speak and that bugs the crap out of me. So skip these if you wanted them for that use.

GAH everytime these come up i struggle with whether or not i want them… reviews sound good except on the one thing i really like BASS :frowning:

to click or not to click

I bought a pair of these the last time around. They sound absolutely great on Apple products (iPhone, iPod) but for some reason I cannot get these things to sound nearly as good on my home PC or other devices. I’m not sure if it’s the proprietary Apple connector or what.

I’d also add that if you want to use another cord to attach the headphones (the cord from the headphones to the audio device is detachable), you’re going to have to do some work. The mini/3.5 mm/1/8th inch cable that comes included has a very low profile shoulder in order to make it into the very small hole for it in the headphones. The manual states you should be able to pick up a comparable cord, but after lots of searching I wasn’t able to find one. I ended up Dremeling the hole in the headphones in order widen the opening to get a longer cord to fit.

So, these sound great (for me) on Apple products, but I wasn’t able to get them to sound nearly as good (nearly unlistenable), even with a replacement, non-Apple type cord. And the replacement cord was a pain to get to fit, requiring Dremeling of the headphones.

Awesome headphones. I say this for two reasons. First, they sound terrific! I think their sound is superior to Beats by Dre. Second, they are fantastically comfortable. I wear them for 8 hours at a time sometimes.

You need to get a splitter like this and then it sounds fine on a non-Apple device:

In case you’re serious, no. The Sansa Clip has great audio quality compared to most (all) iPods. Many headphones do tend to have a “burn in” period though.

? all that does is seperate mic and audio

I actually just bought a pair yesterday for $80, 50 seems like a steal if you like that color scheme.

The one thing I haven’t heard anyone talk about is that they are basically earmuffs and don’t breathe well, so these won’t replace your walking around heaphones if you spend a lot of time in the heat. Inside a ACed house or office they are very nice

Yes because the cable included with the headphones is for a smartphone (has mic and audio combined). When I plug the cable into my non-Apple PC, the audio is very soft unless I press the talk button on the cable. Using the splitter, it works like any other headphones.

I got a pair of these last time around too - pretty amazing for the proce, imho. I use Sennheiser HD25’s for work (I’m a sound mixer for film and TV) so I got these as an alternative for listening to music. The sound is definitely different, not as chrystal clear as the HD25’s, but definitely warmer and more musical. Pretty much a bargain, I reckon. My only question mark is whether the ‘soft finish’ on them is going to get grubby - time will tell…

I bought these last WOOT. They have great sound quality, unfortunately my wife agrees… while I’m wearing them. At half volume she can tell me the song and artist I’m listening to from 5 feet away. So, no sneaking porn with these things.

Just wondering…tech! can’t use the woot! sex doll for it’s pictures?

Bought these last time they were on woot. Good headphones, but the included cables are really short. Unless you’re plugging them into an iPod in your shirt pocket, you’ll need an extension cable.

I got this pair last time they were available on Woot. For an audiophile on a budget, these are great. Though they don’t handle the treble as much as I’d like. Some the higher pitched songs seem to lose some of the depth the higher they go. Bass is pretty good, but don’t expect it to be like specific base heavy headphones.

One thing of note: the blue cord that it shows in the picture is a larger connector. If you are using the smaller standard connector (for iPhones, iPods, mp3 players, pcs, etc), the cord used is gray to match the rest of the headphones. Each cord has volume controls and a microphone that work well.

Also of note is that these will comfortably fit many sizes of heads. Both me and my husband can wear these comfortably (husband is a foot taller than me and has a larger head)

Negative: These headphones are NOT portable. They take up a bit of space, which if you aren’t moving around much is fine.

Grab these, they are a great deal!

Every time somebody says this I panic for fear my stash of Sansa Clips from Woot! will eventually run out and I’ll have to buy some at retail. I’m down to one in use, two in reserve. If these headphones are as good as people say, I’ll be thrilled.

I bought these (for cheaper) just a few weeks ago on woot. I was FLOORED at the sound from these for the price I paid - it was great. Not as good as my $350 Sennheisers, but a match (especially considering the price) for my Bose AE2i at 3x the price. Only gripe is that the comfy earpieces turn into little thermal blankets for your ear. Great in the winter, not so much in July.

Thought these would be my cheesy pair for work, but these make me happppeeee!!!