InCharacter Costumes Girl's Indian Maiden Costume, Tan, 10

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InCharacter Costumes Girl’s Indian Maiden Costume, Tan, 10
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This is racist.

If some young lady were to wish to respectfully roleplay as a native American, what would you suggest?


A culture is not a costume. Especially not a culture has undergone a brutal genocide in this country for trying to exist. Native people and children are otherized and marginalized for wearing the native ceremonial dress that this “costume” is dumbing-down and mocking, but it’s cute when white kids do it.

In 30 years, this will feel like my grandparents telling me about receiving Little Sambo dolls for christmas.

I hope.

What is it with SJWs having these martyr complexes where everything is offensive/racist?

Hey it’s the Elizabeth Warren costume.

So, wouldn’t this be a squaw costume?

It says “Indian maiden,” but I thought they were called squaws.

When did Elizabeth Warren start Modeling for Woot!

A “cherryfeather” is not a name. Especially a name that has undergone some much consumption and tickling in this country for trying to exist. Native cherryfeathers are marginalized for being either one or the other, but combining them is okay to make a name out of.

Regardless, this costume is incredibly tacky.

They’re pussies with keyboards.

And, obviously no jobs. But at least mom and dad pay for broadband.

I would put this, or ANY OTHER kids costume, in a Woot! Bag of Crap.

This costume and the name is in seriously poor taste. Woot should know better.

Please note that I had originally tried to use a different phrase at the end . . .

Does it come with a casino?

I would suggest: don’t.