InCharge Duo for iPhone/iPod/iPad

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InCharge Duo for iPhone/iPod/iPad
$14.99 + $5 Standard OR Free OR Free Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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The first decent deal I’ve seen in the wootoff, sold out before I could buy it.

WHAT!!! How novel they are offering an IPOD charger

damnit I was changing my address and it sold out :frowning:

It will actually charge multiple iDevices at the same time. Pretty nifty thing to have if you have a bunch of them.

I bought one of these from the Apple store about a year ago and love the idea, but I was concerned about it tipping over because it doesn’t seem heavy enough with just the iPad docked. I ended up returning it very soon after for fear of my iPad breaking.

Good to know. Makes me less sad about missing it.

Looks like they only sold 1

I was the one out of…one that bought this. Just got it and it doesn’t work–not charging either phone or iPad. It’s a shame cause I like the setup. Seems sturdy and definitely heavy enough that I’m not worried about it tipping over. Too bad…

I’m sorry it’s not working. Please email for assistance.