Incipio Accessories

Good reviews for the Dual PRO, but Amazon has em starting at $8.00 with free shipping!

does anyone know whether any/all of the cases listed for “iPhone 5” fit 5’s only, or 5s and 5c as well?

I can’t answer that since we don’t have samples. However, my Google-fu says that some cases might interfere with the camera.

The 5c is completely different, so they won’t fit. The 5s has the same shell as the 5, just with another flash and the fingerprint scanner on the home button. So don’t buy anything that covers the home button and expect to lose the second flash.

I purchased the “DualPro” hard case for $29.99over a year ago and still have the case on my phone. Its a strong durable versatile case but what I like a lot is the fact that when you pull the phone out of your pocket it won’t stick to your lining. At 9.99 I may jump on another color.

I know that the Dual Pro fits the 5S well, and doesn’t interfere with the fingerprint or the extra flash. It even takes the slightly larger car adapter lightning cable I got. (Got them both at the parent company.)