Prepare to die.

He said, “To blave”, which means, “to bluff”… I’ll take one of these or my nams’s not “the Dread Pirate Roberts!”


Maiwedge too thith amaathing tee-shoowt ith wuthh kiwwing fohh.

Pwee-paeww too die!!! 8^)

Send your four fastest ships for one of these!..because if you haven’t got shirts, you haven’t got anything.

That is the sound of ultimate suffering. My wallet makes that sound tonight.

This might help:



OK I have to try:

Wear this shirt: When storming the castle

Don’t wear this shirt: When fighting ROUS’s

This shirt tells the world: I feel like I’m having the life sucked out of me

We call this color: As black as a holocaust cloak

You misspelled “awesome”…

That’s awesome… :slight_smile:

As I scanned the shirt to identify the references, I balked at that one and told myself, “There’s something wrong with that hand - what a rookie illustrator mistake!”

Then I facepalmed so hard I blacked out.

Incidentally, I thought most people burned out on this movie about a decade ago. Or is it a hipster thing to revive burned-out childhood classics? If so, I gotta get a Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure shirt design together STAT! (or would it be cooler to go Bogus Journey because that one wasn’t as good?)

I’m only speaking for myself and a friend, but we’re definitely not hipster. Lots of people watch movies more than a few times, like how TNT/TBS? used to show the same “guys” movies all the time, like Shawshank Redemption–maybe they still do.

I remember a sportswriter once who wrote about meeting James Garner and talking about how he had seen Grand Prix about 8 times, and Garner replying that wasn’t the record.

Soooo freakin’ lucky. XD

My favorite movie ever…MUST BUY!!!

Thanks for finally printing this. “As you wish.”

Boom! Congrats lucky! Great to see this. :slight_smile:

This movie is a true classic. A lot of people who grew up watching it are showing it to their children now (including me). It has transcended faddishness. Also, it’s one of the few examples where the movie is as good as the book!

A shirt about a movie other than Holy Grail??? Inconceivable!!!

I keep seeing Lord Farquaad standing next to that horse. And the eel looks like it’s yelling SHREK!

That aside, this shirt’s the best thing in the world. Except for a nice MLT–mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich–where the mutton is nice and lean…they’re so perky.

I’m confused. The color says it’s “as black as…” yet the color of the shirt in every link I see is a gross grey. Am I missing something? If it is indeed black, I would buy it in a second as the princess bride is the single greatest movie of all time (I’m still bummed the MLT shirt lost out in the meat derby), but I really really hate the grey-which-looks-like-it-used-to-be-white-but-has-been-washed-too-many-times-with-other-colors.

I remember when this was a derby reject before. Congrats on reemerging with flying colors!