Increase Your Post Number Continued (random chit chat)


[quote user=“Z144man”] A) That’s a lie
B) I’ll have to switch banks immediately
IV) (i used to visit woot back when it started, i hardly consider myself a noob)
V) i’ve got my respect from other people ( thanks acemom)
VI) Yes please.
G) Because my wife might get freaked out if I start to play with dolls
H) I was using math, I do that sometimes. That equation was called addition.
I) nope, not as fun
J) That’s alright, cuz if I don’t have your respect, then I can’t get any less of it, besides, most people thought this was funny.
K) See J
L) Do roman numerals count as numbers or letters?

calm down doggy, i’m just having fun


[quote user=“mydogkickzass”]
A) So is that
B) You go do that
C)I hope you enjoyed that one
D) Back when it started? Suure, and the usual excuse, ’ I didn’t make an acount because ____
E) She called you nice. I can call our president nice, but still have no respect for him. F) Tough
G) That’s a sacrifice we’re going to have to make
H) Finish this sentence: 'The point of adding the two numbers in the sentence was/is to

I) Go try it again
J Most people? Now we’re assuming things. Are you going to guess my age, ethnicity and religion next?
K) I saw J once, that was enough
L) I’d say numbers.

Well damn, you’ve wasted 3 minutes of my precious time between getting off work, going to the gym, and getting to class. Thanks a lot [/quote]

I was about to conceed when the post got locked:

you win for now mydogkickzass.


Wonder why they locked it. No profanity or ugliness going on. I was enjoying it. Gimma?


read kind of hostile to me. not sure why.


half hostile




i thought it was half playful, the moderator must be a pessimist


The mods hardly ever come back here. That was strange.


It was actually supposed to be locked last night, since **there is already a “Counting” thread **(which was also under consideration for lockdown, but it isn’t just #s), but I didn’t get the message from staff till this morning.

So please, consider taking the counting here, if necessary: Counting

The exchange that began during the night was not the reason it was locked, but it did seem to be heading in a possibly hostile, though admittedly amusing, direction, this a.m., when I read it.

Based on the subject line, this will likely be locked, too. shrug


I suggest a “Roman numeral counting” or “letters of the alphabet” thread. Different!


Thanks for the 'splanation. Forgot all about that other thread.


Don’t push your luck.


I’d like to suggest a suggestion thread. Any suggestions on what it should be called?


Since the forum change, both new forums are being watched more closely. It’s not for moderation purposes, but because quite a few posters, unaware of the new changes, are creating threads in the wrong forums. There are still threads being started in EBWoot that belong/need to be moved or merged to World of Woot and vice versa. There’s also some curiosity about forum activity levels.


what kind of curiosity? What kind of activitly level? something tells me its down from previous months :expressionless:


Have they noticed that nobody has posted to an EBWoot thread during the daily “type this word in?”
It never works for me.


Never works for me either, I just wait five minutes. I apologize in advance for my ignorance - what’s EB?


Well there are certainly 1 or 2 members who have discouraged others from even bothering to post, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised.


Everything But?


Don’t know any details- I don’t have any access, beyond the view and post counter we all can see. However, the activity is up in WoW, which previously went for periods with little activity (when it was News, for staff threads, only.) Woot related topics are now easier to find.


i changed the subject, does it have a better chance of staying unlocked now?