Indepen-Crap (Title by radar01)

I just popped my cherry! FINALLY!!!

Got one! I’ll post pics TT!

Sigh. Amazon has nothing to do with our BOCs. NOTHING!

In for my super uber gop tainted, liberal media biasing, agenda spoilering crap! Wooohoo! Woot knows crap; Woot has the best crap. Now I, I have the best crap! Here’s to hoping for something crazy cool.

YES!!! First crap I’ve managed to get in almost a year and a half! My ninth all-time! Woo! Come on, Lucky Number 9!

Hey, I can’t believe I really got my BOG!!! first time in wooting 8 years!!! WooHoo!!!

My second bag o crap! Can only hope it’s equally as crappy and disappointing as the first!


Congrats, dija!

So did I!

(now I can try getting to sleep. Difficult with all the loverly lightning we’ve had all night)


Takes a victory lap

I held more back for the last one as a reward to the diehards hanging out in the woot-off.

Yes! Third time is a charm. Woot!!!

Thank you TT we appreciate it!

T.T. Is there a common posting thread set up yet?

Thank you TT!!!

Lightning’s just getting here now. Congrats on your score.


Of course. :happy:

Take out the papers and the trash,
I didn’t get a bag of crap…

Not just that, the site was more responsive. I was convinced the item before the boc was a boc because the page wouldn’t load for at least a minute.

Thanks, I’m there now