*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Let your voice be heard! If you missed it on 07.06.2008, buy this shirt here!

different animal please.

very much congrats to the artist.

I was hoping for edgar though. The puppet thing was more my style

Grats on the print, EwingKlipspringer … It wasn’t my favorite of the bunch, unfortunately but grats on the win

What’s wrong with the noble moose? :tongue:

Congratulations EK, it was an impressive run into the fog.

WHOOO! I’m so glad this was the 3rd :slight_smile: I was worried they wouldn’t do two blues in a row, but I squealed with glee when I saw it!

What’s wrong with the Moose?

Wish the checkmark was a little lower :frowning: Then I’d be in.

I wished for a dragon. =/

Epic win. The Bull Moose party became a running joke of my history class last year. I’m not even an independent, but I need one.
/pops the Woot cherry

ITA. :frowning:

Huh, the Bull Moose Party’s making a comeback…

Grats EwingKlipspringer, this one definitley made a hard run to the fog, I’m surprised it climbed so quick

I love this shirt, been waiting all weekend for it.

They will print what comes in first, second, or third in votes.

Drats! I saw the stats, but was hoping for an Edgar tonight anyway…

best description ever

rumor is you are pretty nerdy . . .surely you know they go by vote counts

If the whole thing was centered and not tilted, i might buy… but i just don’t think this would look good on me.