Independence Recurve Bow

Cool, but expensive. There are much cheaper options for target practice since this would not be great for hunting.

Is this bow left or right handed?

Left-handed. We’ll add that to the sale. Good question.

Are you sure? The picture looks like it is for a right handed archer.

What is the draw length? What is the bow size?

Yes, looks like you’d be the standard right-handed bowstring draw, from the bow in the picture… ?? Arrow on left side of bow=right handed.

$297.11 on - Several options for draw weight.

Sorry woot.

We have double checked with the vendor and this is for a left-handed shooter.

• 40-65 lb Draw Weight
• 7 inch Brace Height
• 1lb 4 oz Mass Weight
• 52 inch AMO
• Built in Inserts

I think there may be some confusion. Just reading this thread got me confused. :slight_smile:

Someone who is right handed shoots with the bow in the left hand.

A left handed bow implies that it is held in the right hand for a left handed person.

Please clarify.