Indestructible 500 Lumen Tactical Flashlight 2-Pack

I happen to have recently bought these on Amazon at exactly this price ($6/each). Bright and durable. When you click the button you cycle through an annoying flashing mode, which I guess is for signaling over distances or if you’re in trouble. Much brighter than any of my old incandescent flashlights with the C or D batteries. I don’t know how fast it eats betteries yet.

They might be good, but I can’t help but wonder… if these are “virtually indestructible”… why do they need a shockproof case?

What kind of batteries do these take?

Never mind, I see…1AA battery. Doesn’t seem like you’d get much life out of a single AA battery.

These are very good flashlights at an excellent price. We have one next to the bed and one in the car. Bought them from WOOT and highly recommend them.

Reviews from the mothership actually don’t seem all that great.

I already had one of these from a previous Amazon purchase, and I love it–excellent compact, powerful flashlight with a readily available, highly portable, and affordable energy source (a 20 pack of Energizer AAs on Amazon is about $13). I don’t keep them in the plastic box, but (bonus!), the plastic box is an EXCELLENT storage box ideal for camping, emergency kits, etc. In fact, I bought an identical plastic box to these in a larger size from Amazon a while back, and use it for protecting an AM radio and batteries in my survival kit. At this price, two of these flashlights PLUS the small box is a STEAL. I bought 4 sets, incl two for other people.

I was curious, so I read a few of them - it seems the Amazon listing put “Special Forces” in the title, and of the 5 1-star reviews I saw, 4 of them were complaining about using “Special Forces”.

My best guess is somebody linked to it on a prepper website and all the good citizens went there to warn off those of us who would buy Special Forces flashlights.

Call me an idiot, but I don’t see it specified anywhere if these use a regular bulb or an LED. I assume its an LED, but I’d like to be sure. Does anyone know?


Having any modes other than on and off totally ruins these things. It’s so annoying to cycle through.

Bought two of these 2 packs last week.

Got them today, and while the flashlights work, the carrying cases are mostly junk.

One of mine came with a crack, as well as part of a corner cracked off.

These are not much better than the free flashlights you can get at Harbor Freight.Don,t know how to test them but i don,t think the Flashlights they sent me were 500 Lumen, do not waste your money.

Regrets, I have a few … Bought 3 packs, which is 2 cases with 2 flashlights in each case. Out of 6 flashlights, 3 work. One has the lens missing, two won’t unscrew to open. One case was cracked in half, one case had a corner chipped off, and one case was in decent shape.

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