Indestructible 500 Lumen Tactical Flashlight 2-PK

I’m really not sure how to review this item because the reviews are “Amazon Reviews” yet the item doesn’t exist on Amazon. Anyway, I’d recommend you save your money. Even at $7 a piece these things are cheap crap. It puts out just enough light that I’ll keep them instead of returning but hoping I can save somebody else from the burden of these crappy flashlights. The 2 lights I received have very different light output and one of the lights had a big ole’ fingerprint right over the LED/reflective housing. I took pics but apparently can’t upload them here. I was appalled at how cheap these things are. Do yourself a favor and put the $14 towards something better. For example I’ve had a Fenix PD35 for a couple years now and that light is a beast. Solid construction, super bright, 6 modes, and it cost like $60. Different price point than these but seriously just get a decent light and don’t waste your time with this nonsense. The only thing these might be good for are to give to your kids knowing they’ll get lost.