Indestructible PCs from HP, Dell, & Lenovo

Do these PCs come with an operating system? If so, which one?

Look on the spec’s tab

Genuine Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

The Lenovo Thinkpad W-510 15.6" Laptop says it’s Off Lease.
Which Class (Quality Designation - A, B, C) is it?

A good number of our fleet computers is E6410.

It’s just about the easiest computer to maintain and upgrade. It’s great.

on the w510 anyone aware of the max memory supported? can’t find much information while in class.


According to the Lenovo page:

Supports up to 8GB (for T510) or 16GB (for W510) maximum memory

I’m typing this on a Lenovo T400. Wouldn’t wish one of these lemons on my worst enemy. Fortunately it’s a corporate IT-backed system, because literally every single component in the stupid thing has been swapped at least once.

thank you, just sold me on this one.

edit for bad quoting

I’ve been using an E6410 as my main laptop for a little over three years now (warranty just ran out a couple months ago), and I LOVE it. It’s much better than comparable HP models, for sure. It’s also really, really easy to service, and all the hardware is Windows 8 certified.

I highly recommend it.

We got the Lenovo ThinkPad x120e 0596 Notebook from Woot in July of 2012 with win 7 64 bit for $340. I upgraded the ram from 2 to 8 gb

We still use that laptop as one of our main home laptops. It’s a tank. It’s light, the battery lasts, hdmi out, light and the 11.6" is super portable … for our moderate needs, it has served us well and put up with some of the abuses of the 5 and 6 year olds too.

The one year Lenovo warranty replaced the battery in the 11th month for us. I would by a thinkpad again if we needed one - it works perfect for us.

Do the HP desktops have a standard BTX motherboard?

No comment on the laptops, but these desktops are seriously ready for the junkyard. I don’t think they would even run kid’s games without crashing. 80GB hard drive? I have flash drives with more storage than that. My camera has 64GB of memory. Spend a hundred more bucks and get a computer from 2013, instead of one from 2003.

I might agree if this was going to be the only computer in your house, but how many people actually have much more than an os on a secondary computer? There isn’t much of a point in knocking an off lease pc because of its storage space. Like you inferred in your post, storage is incredibly cheap and portable so who cares how much is available on the OS drive. I’d rather spend that extra hundred bucks towards a NAS device with two HDs that can run raid 1. I don’t know much about the HPs but the 755 was and still is in many places the workhorse of lots of American businesses. They are pretty much bullet proof and are easy and cheap to repair yourself. We’re still buying them off lease like this for some of our low end users at work and haven’t had a single issue with one. Not knowing who did the refurb, I would suggest looking at Joy Computers a Microsoft certified refurbisher who gives you a full year warranty. You can find them on

Extremely tempted on the W-510. My M11X R2 just isn’t that practical any more.

Huh…not so sure about that HP 6000. I am thinking that TigerDirect product RB-HPDT00310060 is a better buy. What do you pc guys think?

I’m an IT professional that works in at a university shop that’s about 80-90% Dell and 10% or so HP.

The Optiplexes are the base enterprise Desktops that Dell offers. The 755 is pretty old; predating the entire i-series of Intel processors.

That being said, they’re quad-core which even at the 2.4ghz clock speed means it’ll be pretty responsive and useful for standard multi-tasking for quite a while. 4GB of RAM is good enough, and cheaply upgradable.

Lack of discrete graphics hurts (I doubt you can drive multiple or very large monitors on integrated graphics) however.

I’m also not a fan of any of the small form-factor optiplexes. Users seem to love them, but I hate supporting them since they often have heat issues. Dell’s cases are much easier to get into than other small form factors but they just seem to have a higher failure rate.

Provided you got a solid refurb, if you slapped a graphics card into it (remember: LOW PROFILE!) you could have a good knock-around desktop you could throw under a desk and forget.

I have a HP PRO 6000 bought on Ebay for under 100 bucks had 4GB ram no Hard Drive and a E8400 dual core CPU… and Windows 7 PRO 64 bit… added a 500GB hard drive and a SAPPHIRE 100357LP Radeon HD 7750 video card… quite the beast now all for less than $300… runs all the latest games no issues… these are well built corporate computers… and are also easy to work on… went from a $1500 system to this… does 95% of what the $1500 system did…

The E6410 is a great little laptop I used one for two plus years with no problem. But none of these, including the Thinkpads have Bluetooth! no sale

Put a 1TB drive in one of those and you’ll have a more than capable file server. Not too bad.