Indiana Ticket Company Raffle Tickets

Indiana Ticket Company Raffle Tickets

  • Made in the use–the way it should be by Indiana ticket–if it doesn’t say Indiana ticket, its a fake, please report it to amazon immediately

I always buy all my stuff “made in the use”

Warranty :
No Warranty

You don’t say? This is a surprise. :wink:


I was unable to use this tickets to get a stuffed giraffe at the faire without playing the bottle targets game, so I think these are faulty, who do I contact for a refund.


Texas: “we make oil and woot”
Ohio: “we make astronauts and baskets”
Indiana: “We make tickets you could make yourself or easily forge”


So I guess these are fake since the close up picture does not say Indian ticket?

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On the other hand, the first picture shows Indiana Ticket.

Don’t trust Indian Ticket; those are probably made in the US of A, whereas Indiana Ticket is made in the good old USE.

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The first ticket pair is from Indiana Ticket Company which are available from them directly for $7.50 per roll.

The second ticket pair is from Carnival King Supplies which are available from their online vendor Webstaurant Store for $3.99 per roll.

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I see “they” fixed the sale text. USA! USA! USA!

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