Indianapolis Colts VS. Chicago Bears


Who is going to win the superbowl?

Cast your vote here:




Hopefully, the Colts will win.


what does burn mean.
colts or bears, just choose.


I’m happy with whatever the outcome is. I was raised in Illinois, and have been living in Indy for the last 10 years. but I’m going to have to root for the Colts


I was born in Indy, and remember when the Colts arrived under cover of darkness. Quite exciting, it was.
I also remember the 0-17 streak of the Colts, and the song every week on the radio “Lord Help our Colts”. So depressing it was.


i think he thought the thread was spam… that’s what i thought at first too… but after checking the link, i don’t think so…

for me, on the one hand i think peyton deserves a ring, but on the other i think the AFC has been too dominant in recent years, and as my team is in the NFC, i wouldn’t mind seeing an NFC victory either…


your shot now you have, yoda


I did


my team is NFC, look where they are, they don’t even have a coach any more.




The winner of the super bowl isn’t going to affect the AFC’s current domination . . .

But, I digress . . . I’m rooting for the Colts . . . I would rather have rooted for San Diego . . .


heh. I occasionally think in latin. Paenitet sum.


ok Gman, Colts, it is.


Don’t let me sway your decision . . . I’m a football fan, but by no stretch of the imagination am I an aficionado!!


neither am I, but of the two teams, I will be for the Colts


Okie-doke! :wink:


yeah, that was a total shock to me! my friends and i started talking about going ahead and losing more games ourselves mid season so we could get a better draft position… but noooo we had to keep on trying this year, waiting until the very end to be knocked out of contention for playoffs we didn’t deserve to try for this year anyway… but hey, at least we don’t have T.O. :wink:


yeah, but you’ve got to start somewhere…

yeah, it would’ve been nice to see Rivers going for it…


I’ve got no particular love for either team.
Generally, though, the old saying that a good defense beats a good offense holds true.
Advantage: Bears
As long as Good Rex shows up, too.