Indie Tablets

Need a tablet? Picking up one for the holidays? How to choose? (And what’s your favorite app?)

Hmm. $199.99 for a new one through 11/10/2012 at with free shipping.

New one of what?

Anyone used the Archos 10" tablet? Is it worth playing around with?

I’ve had one since the day they came out. I love it with the And. 2.2. But I must caution everyone Archos support is one of the worst in the market.

Yeah. Galaxy Tab 2 7" is a really good price at Costco right now. So is the 10".

Oh god no…do not get the Archos 101. It’s the worst Android tablet I have EVER used.

Here’s my original post on this guy.

Anyone used the iPad digitizer thingy? Is it very good?

Walmart has the Galaxy Tab 2 for the same price. No shipping charge if you use Walmart’s Ship to Store.

(Google is my friend)

No, no, no, you know the routine - links, please. :slight_smile:

My bad - stumbled on it in my search for GPS capability on this model. Seems to be a secret that only Galaxy Tab 2 owners know (some reviews state that it does have GPS). I added the link back to Walmart’s site in my earlier post.

Does the Galaxy Tab cover fit any model? I have the original.

Why not just buy the Nexus 7 16 GB for $199? Heckuva deal and price for a 7" tab without any extra OEM bloatware, and comes with the newest Android OS. Or $399 for the 10" Nexus which is coming out this month. Again, very nice specs at any price, especially this one.

I bought the 2.1 channel speakers with what I thought were reasonable expectations. As it’s separately powered, one would think that it could have some decent volume. Most of my laptops and all of my tablets have built in speakers that are louder. The bass is about as effective as a pair of nine dollar ear buds. When I had to clean my office desk, I threw it away as it was more of a waste of space than functional