Indo Joe Ground Coffee Sampler (6)

Indo Joe Ground Coffee 6-Pack Sampler: 4.5 Pounds of Coffee
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$39.99 $59.94 33% off List Price
(2) - Indo Joe Special Roast Coffee, Ground, 12 oz. Bags
(2) - Indo Joe House Roast Coffee, Ground, 12 oz. Bags
(2) - Indo Joe French Roast Coffee, Ground, 12 oz. Bags

As much as I hate to say it, no matter how good the beans, pre-ground coffee is just a non-starter for freshness that is required for a good cup.

We’ve been having this discussion over on that other new wine site about this exact thing, and even talking up home roasting of beans.

Roasted over a month ago and then ground. Killed it. Nonstarter.

With a name like Indo Joe, I was… uh… expecting a different product.

I like that in the details one tab is still listed as “Winery”. Makes me feel warm inside.

I absolutely agree. I roast my own coffee as it really has to be used within a week or two of roasting for the best/correct flavor and aroma. And I never grind anything until just before brew. Yeah it takes longer but it’s worth it to me. I could also talk on forever about different brewing techniques: drip, presses, etc.

I’m over at that new site as well rjquillin as “WineRudy” haha. I just don’t find it too comfortable to navigate the forum. What do you think? Maybe I’m doing something wrong, I just find the conversations hard to visually follow the way it’s set up.

I’m adapting, but it’s painful. The lack of a PM system that doesn’t require chipping stone is a total fail over there.

At least here, we have both a functional PM system, and TT!
I so miss her filters.