Indoor Cool Misting Fan (2 Colors)

Any idea how big this thing is?

EDIT: Amazon has the answer!

Product Dimensions: 7.9 x 15.8 x 31.5 inches ; 13.7 pounds

this looks like a pretty Cool home woot…

A wonderful way to short-circuit all your electronics in a single sitting, with an extra 8 hours of spray time available to ensure the job is finished.

I can’t help wondering whether I’m the only one here who doesn’t quite understand the story of Craig & Sylvia & Danielle.

I never was a soap opera kinda person myself.

Thanks for noting the dimensions were missing. They’ve been added to the specs now.

Who else hates Mondays?

I was hoping for a front loading washing machine…

Man, do I ever hate Mondays, but I do like moving pictures of PalmAire fans.

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I considered getting a misting fan during the horrible heat wave earlier this summer. Too late now. Eventually, I just slapped together two gadgets I already had, a Vornado circulator positioned over an ultrasonic humidifier. This thing outputs twice as much mist as my humifidier does even at full blast, but it’s not worth $130 to me.

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It’s still Sunday in the better parts of the country. :wink:

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Looks cool but not good for high humidity areas.

Misting fans work by evaporative cooling. Water is misted into the air and on your skin, and quickly evaporated by the fan. That phase change (liquid water to gas) carries away heat, thus cooling surfaces. It’s the same effect you feel stepping out of the shower or pool.

It generally works pretty well – unless it’s humid. When it’s humid, not only will the mist not evaporate (since the air is already saturated with water), but the added moisture will make you feel even worse.

Another thing to consider is that the added humidity can increase the growth of mold and mildew. And it’s not very good for many electronics.

Considering that you can get an air conditioner for about $89, I don’t see this as much of a value. Ironically, an air conditioner does the opposite of what this does. It brings comfort by dehumidifying (and cooling) while this cools by humidifying. The only advantage of this over an air conditioner is the energy savings, and that this can be used as a humidifier in the Winter. Still, the minor cooling this brings compared to an air conditioner makes the latter a much better cooling device. Especially since evaporative coolers like this fan have a very short range, while even a cheap air conditioner can work on a small apartment (by dehumidifying the air).

TRIVIA: There’s a reason an air conditioner is called that, and not an “air cooler.” Despite the cool stream of air, cooling is not its primary purpose. Its real mission is to dehumidify the air. In fact, when the device was invented, its purpose was to keep the paper in a printing plant dry. It does so by using cooled coils to collect moisture via condensation – much like a cold milk carton does in the kitchen. A cold container will soon be dripping wet when placed at room temperature because it brings a phase change to the water vapors in the air (gas to liquid). An air conditioner will then let this water drip outside your home. To make cool air, the air conditioner simply uses a fan to blow on the coil into the room. But that’s just a secondary effect. In fact, the use of a powerful fan is the only real difference between a dehumidfier and an air conditioner (The dehumidfier doesn’t blow cool air). That’s why the two cost about the same.

Same unit?

That one has different dimensions and a different Model number so I’m not sure.

This one is definitely it though.

Only 4 weeks too late woot. The worst of the summer season ended today, with the monsoon and the high weakening over the southwest.

I saw what you did there .

And I am now a Fan.

this misting fan is really necessary in hot summer, i think it is better than air-conditional , cheaper anyway

Why do you think we have it to sell? :tongue: