Indoor Culinary Herb Garden Kit

Indoor Culinary Herb Garden Kit
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PRODUCT: 1 Living Whole Foods Indoor Culinary Herb Garden Kit

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Wine Woot? really? An indoor herb garden? So sad that these guys didn’t actually do their job.

“Parsley, sage, marjoram, and thyme”? They’re never going to get to Scarborough Fair that way.

Maybe if we grow the herbs from the kit we can use them to compare aromas with Cabernet Franc and other varietals that offer ‘green’ nuances…

Oooooh, I want one! Will this live longer than my wine.woot bonsais?

In all seriousness, will these grow larger than the cute little greenhouse and have to be transplanted? 'Cause that’s a lot more work.

Are the seeds packaged for 2011 or 2012?

What’s the growing window on these?

In all seriousness this could be pretty cool, it includes a really nice assortment of herbs for some great fresh dishes and salads.


Kitchen? Dining room? Maybe the den.

Are there mushroom growing kits like the ones I saw in Amsterdam?

Den might be the way to go for me, as I have a cat that LOVES to eat plants :wink:

I see him eating his way through the 12 days of herb heaven in one sitting :slight_smile:

Can you use this to grow…er…medicinal herbs?

About to click the gold button but realized it wasn’t that kind of herb.

Every time I try to grow herbs inside, those little fruit flies show up. Kind of annoying and gross. Anybody know how to keep them away?

It says right in the description that they “can” be transplanted…which, if you know anything about plants, means yes, transplanting in required if you want a renewable resource.

I try not to be a Wine Woot downer, especially on the one day a week the offering is not alcohol, but you can go to almost any one-stop-shopping grocery store and buy all of this for less money. A Jiffy starter bucket with lid and a full set of soil pellets will run you about 15 bucks (a quick online search found one that has 72 pods in it for that price, or a 24 pod windowsill kit for 8 dollars), and you can buy packets of herb seeds for less than a dollar a piece.

And yes, you will have to transplant these to another vessel at some point, the size of which depends on the herb (thyme you probably wouldn’t have to get anything onerous, but if you were to grow dill, you’d need something that could hold a Jack & The Beanstalk sized growth).

yes! finally a day of rest from wine woot!

Oh, I have this kit. I have been planning on putting the plants in the topsy turvy strawberry thingie I got from my last boc. Planning… I haven’t done it so far. Most of the seeds need to be soaked and I’ve been too lazy to do that. I tried doing it without the soaking, but the seeds didn’t sprout.

Yes, the little greenhouse is just for sprouting. It comes with these little peat pucks that expand when you add water. They are fine for sprouting but you have to plant them to get plants.