Indoor Culinary Herb Garden Kit



Indoor Culinary Herb Garden Kit
(1) Living Whole Foods Indoor Culinary Herb Garden Kit includes:
Assortment of 12 Culinary Herb Seeds
Package of 50 Jiffy® Peat Pellets
Greenhouse Dome and Garden Tray
The Culinary Herb E-Book on CD-ROM
Comprehensive Laminated Instruction Sheet

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This… Is NOT Cabernet


Cue the cliche comments about “herbs”.


Therefore, it must be Thursday. :tongue:


No rosemary, eh? Tough break, writers. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is international Cabernet day!


Anybody got anything good or useful to say about this?? My husband would really love to grow our own herbs, but we don’t know how to get started? Is this a good beginner’s kit or should we only start with one or two plants instead of something like this? Who’s actually used this??


What a reach. I have no thyme for this offer.


How large is the greenhouse dome?
I can’t be gettin too much dome.
My fiancé will get mad–lack of counter space.

Also, I thought domes were dome shaped. That looks to be a rectangle.


Waiting for a better price on a refurb.


What appears to be the same one is $65.90 at Sears:

$33.99 with $2.95 shipping at Overstock. Great reviews:


It’s still Thursday though. :frowning:


At this point in the year you’d be better off finding kits in stores for their end of season sales. Big Lots is currently 75% off their kits


I bought this during the last offering. It’s very simple to use, just follow the instructions included with the kit and you can’t mess it up. Some of the seeds take 3-6 weeks to sprout, so you have to be patient!

Herbs can cost a small fortune at the grocery store, so this will pay for itself in no-time. But keep in mind, this kit is for sprouting/starting the plants only; they need to be transplanted into a garden, or planter, to reach maturity.


I have not used this set but the Jiffy Peat Pots are wonderful to use to start plants, especially for indoor use. I think this is a great collection of herbs to start with. If you feel it is too many to deal with to start, only plant one or two of the herbs in a few of the peat pots. I was looking for a package deal for growing my own herbs and I think I may have found it. Good luck to you and your husband on growing your first herbs.


Thanks for the tips! I’m a newb at this whole plantlife thing but this sounds easy enough. I’m in for one.


“This indoor culinary herb garden kit is designed to help you start herbs in your own kitchen or windowsill with a neat little 12” x 12" x 5" greenhouse."


I live in an apartment and my grocery store sells herbs in bunches too large for one person. I’m looking into the whole windowsill/indoor herb growing idea. Is this a good kit to start with? Someone above mentioned this is only for starting plants and they eventually have to be moved to a garden. Can anyone confirm this? Or can i use this kit the whole time for indoor herbs?


So I live in an apartment, with lots of windows and sunlight. I understand that they will have to be moved to bigger pots later, but does anyone know if they can survive in an apartment setting after reaching maturity? I don’t have the opportunity to plant them outside. Thanks!