Indoor Electric UV Zapper

Now, here’s one of those useless gadgets people will definitely buy… if they only knew they could just CLOSE THEIR SCREEN DOORS/WINDOWS! Indoor zapper… as if! LMAO!

Not always the case, someone could have bugs but not sure where they are coming from or renting and have a landlord that refused to make repairs that result from flies or mosquitoes getting inside. There are many reason why a person might have a need to buy it.

Just cause it’s stupid to you, doesn’t mean its necessarily stupid in general.

Besides the obvious ways bugs can sneak in (when you go in or out a door, small holes in screens, mine from cats) they show up sometimes when I get new house plants. Not sure there’s enough to justify a zapper. But I do have a coupon code from a previous issue. No home is 100% bug free.

People who have a lot of indoor plants will have bug issues from time to time. Especially in the summer months. Moths are also a very common indoor bug. And flies seem to somehow always find their way inside on hot days.

So an indoor bug zapper is far from a pointless product.