Indoor HDTV Antenna w/ 85 Mile Range

Indoor HDTV Antenna w/ 85 Mile Range

I’ve often wondered about the range on these things. doesn’t seem like it would work at that distance unless it was on a tall pole without obstructions in the way…

How does this get ESPN?

Wow! I bought this recently and didn’t notice that. Umm… ABC plays ESPN-branded stuff sometimes on the weekend?

Range is dependent on many variables. I am a “ham” radio operator (Amateur radio service) so I have a significant background in RF propogation. Anyway, the following must be considered to estimate range:

  1. Buildings
  2. Trees
  3. Horizon (curvature of the earth)
  4. Height at which antenna is from the ground

There are more but those are among the most important. If you live more than 25 miles from a city where the TV station transmitting tower is located you are probably at the fringe of the reception area. If you live in the city or have clear line-of-sight to the tower you should do well.

Erick R Williams

And do not put it on the back of your TV. Electric equipment will screw it up and get no channels

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Yeah probably very limited network at most times unless in a heavy populated city. I have something similar on a spare bedroom tv but our guest prefer using the amazon device instead or android tv box.

Well described I have something like this on our window the window facing north worked better than the eastward window.

That confirms what my experience has been with antennas. We live too far outside of our market city to get any reception from the networks except for abc (because they have a repeater in our city).

since you are a ham operator, maybe you could answer this puzzle. in our house we often can hear a ham or more likely a cb operator through different speakers. when we moved in, it was our old tv speakers. now it’s our computer speakers and even the speakers in our treadmill. it’s always a one sided conversation. early on it was creepy, now just mildly amusing

what would cause this?

Sounds paranormal other realm if you ask me…don’t upset them.

i don’t think ‘old willy’ is paranormal. just a good ol boy redneck with an amplified signal is my guess

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You sure “old willy” isn’t looking to use one eyed willy with “Candy Caine”?

Bought a similar one and it picked up 3 channels.

I get 3 English and 6 Spanish on a similar product as well.