Indoor/Outdoor Reversible Patio Mat

Although it took a good solid week of heat from the sun, the wrinkles from packing eventually smoothed out.
I purchased two extremely similar patio mats from QVC last year for under 40 bucks each (a closeout sale) and am fairly satisfied with them.
They don’t do well with patio chairs being dragged over top since the looser weave snags just a bit, but otherwise, no complaints.
They’ve held their color in the Florida sun, clean well with a quick squirt of the hose, have not developed a single spot of mildew nor odd smell, and have shown absolutely no wear & tear from the CONSTANT back & forth of our mini Aussies on patrol. Gotta keep that bird feeder free of squirrels, you know?
I’d snap up another one if they were available in a different color.

Thought this was a good price, but see they’re 34.79 at Walmart. No shipping. lol

Thanks for the review. I was on the edge and I think I may pull the trigger now. By the way, great screen name/ avatar. My Latino SIL calls me Vikinga also.