Perfect for sitting in front of the fireplace.

Thanks for the print, Woot! I can’t wait to wear this but I’m still unsure of how I’ll get it from the mailbox into the house…

Never too much plaid

This one made me laugh. Perfect for my little brother, the blind cave fish.

There are great suggestions for bringing the outdoors in. I have an 8th tip, however, that is really worth something. This one will enable you to have a lifetime supply of s’mores (make 'em in your microwave oven) or perhaps buy every single Woot shirt that you’ve ever dreamed of owning.

Just to review Shirt Woots 7 suggestions:


  1. introduce potted plants to your indoor environment. also a herd of agitated deer.
  2. nothing says “outdoorsy” like a volcano in your living room!
  3. consider replacing your bed with a pile of fronds.
  4. berber carpet is out; bark is in!
  5. move to a town overrun by 100,000 giant bats
  6. treat yourself to a shower of sap occasionally
  7. whittle your own fridge

And here’s number 8…

Get a passel of 50 female pigs. Add to them a herd of 50 male deer. Presto! You will have altogether:

100 sows and bucks! :slight_smile:

(Be sure to get yours early. When avid indoorsmen realize how wealthy this can make them, there’s bound to be a swine & stag shortage.)

I love it. Just one question: Is the design referencing something I don’t recognize? It looks vaguely familiar. Maybe I’m just thinking of the Intel logo.

Wow. If you haven’t already bought a Dad Joke University shirt Woot really ought to send you a free one just for that.

arghhhh this is the second time i ordered american apparel and i got anvil sent instead. the first time i let it go but this is the second time and im pretty annoyed now. sent cust service a message and hope they fix this. but people check the shirt brand when you get them!!

Ugh, jeez. Sorry! Let us know how things pan out with CS.

Same thing happened to me last week. Right shirt, right size, but Anvil instead of AA. Customer service issued a full refund, including shipping, which was very cool of them, but hearing it wasn’t an isolated incident makes me hesitant to order again. I just don’t like how the Anvils fit.

problem is i dont want a refund i want the correct aa brand shirt. so now im hoping they can send me the correct shirt. because if they issue me a refund then i want to re buy it i have to pay the higher price now. not cool

I’m going to poke CS for you guys and get some replacements sent out. They should be sending replacements before issuing refunds.

nope!! sent me a refund already!! not cool so now i have to re-order at not only the higher price but now i have to also pay shipping? nope. will not re-order and i will seriously have to re-consider buying anymore shirts at all now.

Nope, you’ll get a replacement. For free.