OK, I get the shamrocks and the rainbows, but cats, bunnies and elephants? Is that a slingshot? I must be too old for the reference(s)…

I think they’re supposed to be wishbones. I see lucky pennies, fortune cookies, and the rabbits (with feet) might be Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit, which I only know because a crazy aunt posts on Facebook every single month.

I thought the bunny was for the rabbit’s foot but it looks like there is a rabbit’s foot on the shirt. The cat with a raised paw is the Fortune Cat that is popular in Chinese and Japanese cultures. The elephant is considered good luck and used frequently in Feng Shui. I also see a ladybug, a shooting star and I think that slingshot thing is supposed to be a wishbone.

So is this supposed to be St. Patrick’s Day themed, or just about being infallibly lucky?

Probably both. Or possibly, about the luck o’ the Wootish. :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s why my life has been a hellish nightmare. You’d think people would share this information more freely. Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!

Waving Cat (Japanese) -

Ladybug (Ladybird) -

Elephant -

I have no idea what the eggplant - or weirdly shaped acorn is supposed to be.

An once again, can we review that this shirt is a four leaf clover, not a shamrock?

Four leaf clover being a symbol of luck, of course, which is why the design has all those lucky symbols inside.

But it is not a St Patrick’s Day symbol.

I know it was asked in the comments - but nothing in the ad copy seems to point to St. Patrick’s Day or Ireland at all.

But it would count as wearing green on that day. #justsayin