Infantry Vintage Mechanical

Just an FYI, these watches are all assembled in China.

So, is “vintage” the style, or are these old stock?

Even the Swiss Made mechanical ones?

It’s “vintage” in that it’s a mechanical movement. I can not determine where the watch is made, but I guess it really could be manufactured in Switzerland.

Watch looks solid, I could get use the the independent second hand.

Overall - if I had $400.00 bucks to spare, this would be a good watch to have.

Swiss law regarding the “Swissness” of watches is complex and has been weakened by globalization. The marking “Swiss Made” mainly has to do with the percentage of the value of the watch movement produced in Switzerland, not where the assembly takes place. So yes, unfortunately many “Swiss Made” marked watches can be assembled in China or elsewhere.

The Swiss are working to strengthen the law. Here’s a decent article, although a couple years old:

Reuters Article