Infiniflex Frame and Foundation

I bought one of these from Sam’s Club a year ago. Amazing! Super high off the ground, so you can store things under your bed, also, easy to climb under when you are chasing your cat.

Can these be separated - as in, can the king or queen size be separated into two twin type beds?

Yes, but there is only one bed skirt/cover that goes over both halves. Check out the Assembly Instructions

Is the full in two pieces, as well?

What is the weight limit?

This frame style is offered by many trusted online vendors, and offered next to identical appearing frames for half this price. The difference seems to be the weight…

I have been very satisfied with my past Woot purchases but I feel I’m rolling the dice on this one. Trusting Woot team on this one, I’m in!

Tbh I bought basically the exact same thing from Amazon for like $80 (full)…
Just looked and now it’s only $69